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Johnny and the Bubble Sheet
I got judged all this morning
On how well I could fill in bubbles
On a scantron sheet.
My friend Johnny
Hasn't got any arms.
How do you suppose
We measure his intelligence
If he cannot fill in the bubbles?
:iconlevonanthony:LevonAnthony 1 0
Turning Tides
Sometimes I wonder
How my time was spent.
Most nights I simply
Sit back and repent.
But I've grown tired
Of the same old thing.
Tired of hopelessness
And invisible rings.
With you I'm changing strides...
With you I'm turning tides.
I don't care if
The world is still.
We can accumulate the
Lies and all the pills.
You can lift me up
From my circle of Hell
On me you have certainly
Cast a spell.
But with you I'm changing strides...
With you I'm turning tides.
People notice
The worst in this world.
But with you countless
Beauties are unfurled.
No one has taught me
So well and true.
You gave me something
That I had never knew.
So I'm changing the rules.
With you I'm changing strides...
With you I'm tuning tides.
:iconlevonanthony:LevonAnthony 5 3
Better of an Ideal
Sometimes I like to sit in my room
And ponder
What went wrong
And how I could have been the better person.
But I remind myself by nightfall
With stars shining above
And dark winds blowing below
That I am
And always will be
Better of an ideal than you.
:iconlevonanthony:LevonAnthony 1 0
And in That Moment...
I swear we were loosing it.
How can you expect a regular man
To last longer than a week
On an island of sanity
Amid an ocean or insanity?
How could you expect me to zip my mouth up
Like a woman's dress
And keep calm about my situation?
How could you let me count off the numbers
Only to put them back once again?
How could you think
That white walls
And impertinent lies
Could mask the suffering fear
Swelling inside of me?
How could you touch me
With those cold unfeeling hands
As my friends washed up on the shore
More dead than they could have been?
How could you lay me out in the sun,
Watch crimes unfold
While you still expected me to be a regular man once home?
In that moment
With the knife lingering over my scalp,
I made a decision to get the Hell out
And I have no regrets regarding it.
You can chase me down:
Scream at me,
Rap your knuckles at my door.
I'll tell you to put it where the sun don't shine
Along with a dishonorable discharge
And the little bits of my decrepit sanity.
:iconlevonanthony:LevonAnthony 2 2
You are Diamonds
You are diamonds to me.
Beaming through my tunnel of darkness
With a single glimmer of light.
You are diamonds to me;
My stereotyped best friend
Though I would regularly dismiss the idea.
You are diamonds to me
But I could care less about your strength
Or your luster.
You are diamonds to me
Because nothing can harm you
Even my misguided logic
And hopeless ranting.
You are diamonds to me
Because through it all
You were the one constant
Who followed the rules
And held on.
:iconlevonanthony:LevonAnthony 5 4
I May Not Last the Night
It's like fire in my chest
That will burn a night as a day.
But not a single revolution of time
Could surpass the emptiness of my being.
Like a sick soldier
Or a wounded light,
I may not be in sight.
Like a broken soul
Or an action in spite,
My ideals may not last the night.
:iconlevonanthony:LevonAnthony 5 3
Getting Rid of Pieces of Me for You
I would be more comfortable in a research room,
Between stacks and stacks of hard information
That will allow me to kick up a fuss.
I would be more more comfortable if I could escape in the way I used to.
I would be more content
IF I could rid the activist from myself;
But I can't.
Please remind me how I discovered your blood on my hand.
I'm not sure if it got there
From harming or hurting you.
But you should know for sure, my love.
You should know all of my wrongdoings as if you have files
Upon files in which you have archived my faults.
Is that entertaining to you?
The way I fell in love with myself
Only to break the tie the next day?
I'm sorry I have an opposing mind
And a strong will
But I will not get rid of pieces of me
For you.
:iconlevonanthony:LevonAnthony 2 2
Kisses Like Halos
Tomorrow I will not feel your kiss resting upon my lips.
Instead, only the soft tread of angels will be noticeable.
Glowing footprints like halos will remain
Where passion and the heat of love once resided.
Kiss me once more
And I believe that I will finally be whole again.
You will breathe trembling life into me once more
Though my soul has become a letterbox of shame
That is filled day in and day out
And never emptied.
Help me rid myself of the shame.
Empty the letterbox
And sift through it with hot intensity
As you plunder to find a glimmer of life
Under the deep red of hate.
Lift me
Like an angel to the heavens
As I scratch and claw for a meaning.
As I beat and plead to be saved.
Get yourself out of the back row, my love.
Stand up for yourself
And maybe,
Just maybe,
I'll follow suit.
:iconlevonanthony:LevonAnthony 4 7
An Essay of Emotion
First you live with a broken heart.
Then it dissapears with the
Flick of a wrist
And all that ever hurt
Becomes one.
Then you breathe with the heaviness of
Ten thousand pounds on your back
While life
Presses you to your knees.
It'll make you history
Though you will never get to see
Just what you meant to me.
Finally it all becomes clear
As your dyed locks curl in vain
For a man who left you...
He ain't ever coming back again.
You let him lift you up
And let you down;
He didn't mind to hear you cheat.
But now your pounding on the floor and calling him a thief.
But you're the thief...
:iconlevonanthony:LevonAnthony 3 3
Sean White
Sean White left his bed
To see the bright, blue world.
All he once sought whole
Was broken by spinning wheels.
Sean White was alone
With nothing left to burn
Sean White then was forced
To learn.
Sean White was a boy
With eyes like blue teardrops.
They shed just that nightly
As his dreams shattered and tore.
Sean White lies awake
Forcing every breath.
Sean White longs alone.
Sean White longs for death.
:iconlevonanthony:LevonAnthony 0 2
Dreadful Yearnings
I seem to be the only one that can hear the scream in the back of the track;
The band yelling for their freedom.
They've been oppressed, we know.
But how oppressed can you be
With multiple homes
And companies owned by your ancestors?
Is the scream one of hurt?
I know I can hear a knife
As it rips itself down a guitarist's leg
And tears his skin with malicious intent.
Is the scream of lust?
One of husband to wife?
One shouted before a night of everlasting woe
And everlasting entrapment?
Is this what they have become?
A degenerated husk of the riffs and chords they once loved?
Why do they trudge on
Though salvation is never promised?
Am I the only person
Who heard that dreadful yearning in the back of the track?
:iconlevonanthony:LevonAnthony 2 2
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Kansas is Not the Universe
You said goodnight hours ago.
Yet here I am still worrying about tomorrow.
Though blood seeps from a forgotten wound
I still shake with the agony of our situation.
Life for us was once easy.
Now weight piles upon us.
And with each pound
Comes more worry.
You were my sunshine in the shadows,
My lover of the night.
I was a little girl
Lost in her own fairy tale.
We both lost control.
Please hold me as I tremble
And tell me you'll come back.
Tell me Kansas is not the Universe...
I may just believe you this time.
:iconlevonanthony:LevonAnthony 2 2


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A Clockwork Orange Outtakes
(Scene: At the underpass.)
STREET BUM: Can you...can you spare some cutter, me brothers? (Alex hits the street bum in the stomach with his cane.  As the tramp goes sprawling, the Droogs laugh hysterically.)
DIRECTOR: (angrily) Alex, did you just hurt that man?
ALEX: (smiling "innocently") No, of course not, O Director!  He's right as dodgers!
PETE: (aside to Alex) You're lying through your teeth, droogie...
ALEX (vexed): Look at him!  He's fine!  (The tramp is indeed not fine.  He continues to scream & moan in pain, clutching his stomach as he rolls around on the ground.)
DIRECTOR: Somebody call the paramedics!
(CUT TO: As the street bum is placed into an ambulance & carried away, the Director confronts Alex.)
DIRECTOR (pissed off): I can't believe it, Alex!  This is the
:iconmouseavenger:MouseAvenger 17 49
CLOCKWORK ORANGE - engraved lighter by Piciuu CLOCKWORK ORANGE - engraved lighter :iconpiciuu:Piciuu 10 0 Loneliness by DearPoetry Loneliness :icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 163 49
Fix You
'And the tears come streaming down you face, when you lose something you can't replace.'
Maybe I can replace you.
It doesn't mean I'm not crying.
'When you love someone but it goes to waste, could it be worse?'
I could be alone.
Completely alone.
'Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones.'
'And I will try to fix you.'
Maybe I'm not broken.
:iconsinger22498:singer22498 2 0
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by NemoX7

Your poem challenges a lot of ideals set forth by society. For example, the population of this world generally deems it sick and twiste...


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Is it possible to catch a contact high
From a man as he cradles you in his arms
And teaches you the wonders of the world?
Is it possible
To catch a flu of love
As you learn what adoration is
And what worth you truly posses?
Is it possible to become sick
And unable to sleep
With the single mention
Of one, single syllable name
That has overnight changed everything?


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Jodie LindaMae
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Good day. My name is Jodie and I would like to thank you for stumbling upon my page. I hope as you are looking around you find something interesting.

My main area of artistic interest is Poetry and Prose writing as I cannot seem to make my hand work when it has to draw. Or paint. Or crochet or what have you.

I have no doubt that if you take a look at my gallery and begin to leaf through the poems and such in there you'll find something you can relate to. Maybe it'll inspire you in someway. I don't know.

I am more than happy to review a piece for you and give feedback so if you'd like me to, feel free to leave me a comment with a link in it or send me a note. I also like feedback and would REALLY enjoy it if you left some on a few of my pieces. It will always be reciprocated.

And the closing quotes:
""I used to think that anyone doing anything weird was weird. I suddenly realized that anyone doing anything weird wasn't weird at all and it was the people saying they were weird that were weird."
-- Paul McCartney

"We may have limped onto Broadway as the underdogs, but underdogs bite back occasionally."
--Bernie Taupin

"Dead on your feet
You won't get far
If you keep on sticking your hand
In the medicine jar."
--"Medicine Jar"

"People are frightened by what they don't understand."
--Joseph Merrick


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